Baan Puri - Friendly staff


The true luxury of staying in a villa such as Baan Puri is being taken care of by our welcoming, dedicated Thai staff whose only objective is to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The level of attention is up to you, and our staff will tailor their presence to suit your preferences.

Baan Puri - Refreshment
Villa manager

Baan Puri’s highly experience villa manager is responsible for the overall operation of the villa. The manager’s job is to oversee and coordinate the staff and property and to assist guests during their stay.


The villa’s resident chef is trained in local and international cuisine and oversees the market shopping and preparation of all guest meals. The chef will happily prepare dishes from the villa’s suggestion menu, as well accommodating special culinary requests and dietary requirements.

Villa attendants

Attendants take care of the daily cleaning and tidying of the villa. The same team are skilled waiters/waitresses and will assist the kitchen and service at mealtimes.

Garden and pool

A gardener maintains Baan Puri’s lush gardens and swimming pool and is up early to make sure that the beach in front of the villa is clean and ready for guests to enjoy.

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